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Galerie BHAK celebrates 30th anniversary with teen creativity

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From left, Jun Ha-won, Bak Ji-yeon, Kim Tae-hee, Kwon Wu-jin, Kim Ju-seong, 

artist Song Eun-young and Lee Myung-jae pose at the "My Story" exhibition at Galerie BHAK. Courtesy of Galerie BHAK

Galerie BHAK has celebrated its 30th anniversary in a unique way. The gallery in Seoul has launched an art exhibition where teenagers can unleash their imagination and showcase artistic talent. The exhibit, titled "My Story," featured the works of six students; each piece tells a creative story, portraying the artist as the protagonist.

The exhibition took place at BHAK Aug. 18 to 20, showcasing a total of 10 pieces by six young students. The themes and subjects of these works were as unique as they were profound. 

The artworks showcased a broad range of artistic media ― from the traditional techniques of oil painting and watercolor to modern 3D models and sketches ― and the diversity in expression and format was remarkable. The artworks depicted dreams captured in a drawing case, the story of a scissor girl, the emerging self from a cracked egg, a pristine society represented on a blank canvas, the vast world through the eyes of a small child and the adventures of a penguin traversing the relativity of space.

At the exhibition, artist Song Eun-young played a pivotal role in guiding the young students to channel their vivid imaginations into tangible stories on canvas. Her mentoring has contributed to helping them grasp diverse means of expression, ensuring they develop a holistic understanding of art and its various nuances. 

At first, many of the students were shy. As they stood in front of their creations, however, their faces lit up with joy, enthusiastically explaining the stories behind their pieces. One student remarked, "I used to think that only those with a natural talent did art. But I've learned that art is for everyone, and I'm truly happy to have had the opportunity to display my work at this exhibition."

Bhak Jong-hyuk, art director of Galerie BHAK and graduate of Johns Hopkins University, expressed a deep personal connection to the exhibition. Recalling his own diverse experiences while studying abroad, Bhak was quick to embrace the proposal for this art show. He emphasized the profound impact of exploring ways for teenagers to express their thoughts, especially in a contemporary society where communication seems to be diminishing. 

Bhak noted that he aims to contribute by providing the young with an approachable opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of art.

Galerie BHAK has been leading the way for contemporary art since 1993 in Korea by featuring works by Nam June Paik and Kim Chang-yeol to the world. BHAK aims to inspire, inform and entertain people through the power of creative minds of our time while providing unparalleled art experiences. By engaging in a diverse range of artistic projects worldwide, the gallery has been offering dynamic experiences to young people so they would be enriched with cultural activities. 


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